Infant Apnea Glossary

APNEA: Pause of breathing.

CENTRAL APNEA: A period during which the infant stops breathing.

OBSTRUCTIVE APNEA: When the infant attempts to breathe but there is an “obstruction” to the airway, so that the baby is unable to breathe effectively.

PERIODIC BREATHING: Occurs when an infant takes a few breaths, stops for a few seconds, takes another few breaths, then stops again, producing an irregular pattern of breathing

ARRHYTHMIA: Heart rate irregularity.

BRADYCARDIA: Abnormally slow heart.

CPR: Cardia Pulmonary Resuscitation. Mouth to Mouth and Chest Compressions.

CYANOSIS: Blue color skin.

DUSKINESS: Slight blue or darkness color of skin.

ELECTROCARDIOGRAM: EKG or ECG tracing of the heart.

FONTANEL: Soft spot on baby’s head.

HYPOXIA: Low level of oxygen in the blood caused by shallow Breathing or holding breath.

PALLOR:  Pale, very chalky white skin.

PRN:  Whenever necessary or as needed.


REFLUX:  Food coming up in back of baby’s throat causing vomiting, coughing, or choking.

SIDS:  Sudden infant death syndrome. Crib death, unexplained death of an infant after autopsy.

TACHYCARDIA:  Abnormally fast heart rate.