NBN Infusions is committed to clinical excellence in enteral therapy services. NBN has registered and licensed dietitians, called Medical Nutritional Specialists, who manage enteral patients from the point of the referral until the discontinuation of the feeding tube. NBN’s Medical Nutrion Specialists receive what many consider the best training in the industry for home enteral therapy interventions. Nbn’s standard of care for the enteral patient includes complete in-home clinical involvement by our Medical Nutrition Specialists achieved through:


  • Initial nutrition assessment
  • In-home instruction and set-up for the patient and care person, upon discharge from the hospital or out-patient surgery center.
  • 24 hour follow-up after home care admission and education
  • On-going patient follow-up to assess nutritional needs and compliance with feedings
  • Feedback to patient’s physician and home health agency
  • 24/7 availability